About Us

Cexi Me = Cellular Exchange Interface

Cexi Me was established in 2009 to develop, market and support mobile solutions, web technologies and integrated device solutions. Since then, we’ve shipped over thirty-five solutions for our clients and modified several more. Our client list is private but includes publicly listed companies (Global 100, others), medical practices, and device manufacturers.

Cexi Me was founded by John Stack, a longtime startup junky (first startup in 1990), software architect / technologist / coder / doer.

Our specialities are : Startup Enablement, Mobile Apps (iOS, Android), Web (various), Device Interfaces (USB, Video) and experimental device platforms (Raspberry PI and Arduino).  Depending on the engagement, we bring in a wide range of disciplines and skills to suit your needs.

If you’re interested in finding out more, contact JStack  @  Cexi dot Me or @JohnStack.